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    Here you'll find a list of all the games I've covered/played on the channel. If you're here for screenshots for thumbnails or wallpapers, you can find them here

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  1. "Clean House" CQB Games

    If you like the mission Clean House in Modern Warfare 19, these games may hit the spot. Ready or Not is number one on the list and brings some incredible intensity, though comes with a heftier price (especially if you want content early). Zero Hour, on the other hand, is a less refined experience but is much softer on the budget. Both games are in early access, though are progressing with every update.
    If you enjoy that close quarters/CQB/breach and clear style of play and want more of that - these games are what I recommend. 

    Ready or Not:  https://www.nexus.gg/tactigamer/ready-or-not

    Zero Hour: https://www.nexus.gg/tactigamer/zero-hour


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